Friday, January 13, 2012

Pakistan stands idle while Christians get slaughtered.

New tensions between military & civilian government will escalate the conflict.

When He opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those (martyrs) who had
been slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held.  (Revelation 6:9)

Pakistan: Public rally by Muslims against Christianity
I am currently involved with a project to rescue a Christian family in hiding in Pakistan, and bring them safely to the United States.

While the specific details are being withheld until their safe arrival here in the US, I feel compelled to share information on the situation that has led me to this mission.

Why Pakistan?  This country is almost 8,000 miles away from any US coastline. Their current government is openly hostile to Western values, and they are known to aid and abet terrorism against us.  I have no cultural ties to those I am trying to help.

Why Pakistan?  Because Christians are in trouble, and God tells me I cannot sit idly by and let this happen.  Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.  (Galatians 6:2)

The seemingly unchecked growth of religious extremism in Pakistan has led to heinous acts of violence being committed among the minority Christian population there. Of the 1,060 people charged under that nation's predominantly Muslim blasphemy laws from 1986 to 2011, 46 have been killed either by angry mobs or by individuals. The Christian community has had their churches and homes attacked in recent years.
Burning of Christian churches has become commonplace.

In 2005, 3,000 militants staged a similar attack, destroying churches in Sangla Hill as reprisal for the blasphemy allegedly committed by a Pakistan Christian. In 2006, militants targeted churches and Christian-run schools in protest over the publication of a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.

Eight Christians were burned alive 2009, in Gojra in Punjab in 2009 after a frenzied Muslim mob set ablaze 40 homes and a church while the police stood aside.

One-third of Pakistan's population was composed of religious minorities at the time of its independence in 1947. According to According to Peter Jacob, head of the National Commission for Peace and Justice, the white in the national flag represented that 30 percent which included Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis and Christians.

However, that minority has shrunk and now constitutes only 3.5 percent of Pakistan's 175 million people. Christians comprise about 1.6 percent, with the largest concentration across Punjab province. "The country lost its religious diversity," Jacob says.

In the early 70s, the Pakistan People's Party's first government headed by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto nationalized schools and colleges, and imposed Muslim beliefs and practices.  The levels of religious tolerance have declined steadily from that point forward.
The Islamic Republic of Pakistn
According to Asia News, the most recent episode involves a young man killed by his Muslim employers, who were reported to police, after public outcry, after the police dallied, reluctant to take up the case.

Imran Masih, 24, a resident of Ghakkar Mandi Gujranwala, was killed by employers, who say he committed suicide. Imran Masih, married for eight months, worked as a driver for two Muslims, Bashir Ahmed Cheema and Munir Ahmed Cheema. Imran's father, Lal, had held the job before but because of age he passed to his son.

On February 5, Imran was unable to go to work because he felt sick. The next day he went to work. It seems there was a verbal confrontation with Munir Ahmed Cheema. And immediately after Imran was attacked and killed. Munir Cheema sought the help of some friends, and Imran's body was hung from the ceiling, and his father, Lal, was told his son had killed himself.

Lal Masih received her son's body, covered in blood, and with clear signs of torture. Lal Masih told AsiaNews: "My son was killed by these animals. Cheema and his son used to insult me every day, they said that we Christians were their slaves. They have abused my son, he responded and then they killed him. There are signs of torture on the body."

Lal Masih went to the police to complain, but the assistant sub-inspector (ASI), Zubair Cheema, refused to accept the "Fir" (First Information Report) due to Bashir Ahmed Cheema's influence in the area. The neighbors, however, had heard noises and voices of people who insulted Imran, and then attacked him.

So what do we know about Pakistan -- a country we provide $2 billion dollars per year in "military aid" -- and what leads me to believe this situation for Christians will only get worse?

My other photos are too graphic to post.

With a population exceeding 170 million people, it is the sixth most populous country in the world and has the second largest Muslim population after Indonesia.

Pakistan has the eighth largest standing army internationally and is a recognized nuclear weapons state, being the first and only nation to have that status in the Muslim world.

Terrorism in Pakistan has become a major and highly destructive phenomenon in recent years. The annual death toll from terrorist attacks has risen from 164 in 2003 to 3318 in 2009, with a total of 35,000 Pakistanis killed as of 2010.

To top it off, they really don't like the West.  The following text was taken from a news article appearing in the PakTribune, the Pakistani News Service, after the recent drone incident on their border in which 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed for firing on US troops.

"Of all the counter measures taken by Pakistan to safeguard its integrity, closure of supply routes, countering any future offensive act including drones with full force and formulation of new rules of engagement are pinching the US the most. Although ISAF is managing its logistics needs by using northern routes and air route, prohibitive costs will make this arrangement unworkable. Closure of Shamsi airbase has rendered drone war of CIA difficult. A month has lapsed and no drone attack has occurred. Pakistan's principled defiance will ultimately compel the US to treat it with respect."

So, why Pakistan?  That's why.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bomb plot suspect rants against Christians, Jews

He said he wanted “payback” for wrong that was done to Muslims.

For the LORD loves justice, And does not forsake His saints; They are preserved
forever, But the descendants of the wicked shall be cut off.  
(Psalm 37:28)

Sami Osmakac, US citizen from Kosovo
Call me silly, or call me naive.  I just don't think that if one wants to be a successful terrorist, one should try to buy Al-Qaeda flags at retail stores and post terroristic threats on YouTube.

Thankfully for all of us, this not-too-bright wannabe didn't agree with me.

A 25-year-old man from the former Yugoslavia was charged with plotting a radical Islamic attack on crowded locations around Tampa, including nightclubs and a sheriff's office, with a car bomb, assault rifle and other explosives, federal authorities said Monday.

The U.S. Department of Justice said Sami Osmakac, a naturalized American citizen born in Kosovo, recorded an eight minute video shortly before his arrest explaining why he wanted to bring terror to his “victims' hearts” in the Tampa Bay area.

In the video, according to the federal complaint, Mr. Osmakac is seen cross-legged on the floor with a pistol in his hand and an AK-47 behind him. Osmakac said in the video that Muslim blood was more valuable than that of people who do not believe in Islam, according to the complaint. He said he wanted “payback” for wrong that was done to Muslims, the complaint said.

There is no indication that Mr. Osmakac planned to attack the Republican National Convention, which will be held in Tampa in August, federal authorities said.

Mr. Osmakac was arrested Saturday. His first appearance in federal court was scheduled for 2 p.m. Monday.  Authorities say Mr. Osmakac, from Pinellas Park, Fla. — a small city west of Tampa — was charged with one count of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

U.S. Attorney Robert O'Neill thanked the local Muslim community for assistance in the investigation, without elaborating.

FBI agents arrested Mr. Osmakac on Saturday after he allegedly bought explosive devices and firearms from an undercover agent. The firearms and explosives were rendered inoperable by law enforcement.

Federal officials say a confidential source told them in September 2011 that Mr. Osmakac walked into the source's business looking for al-Qaeda flags. The confidential source then hired Mr. Osmakac and was in constant contact with federal officials and audio or video taped their conversations.

Oops.  First mistake.  Al-Qaeda flags.  Mental note-to-self.

Kosovo at a glance.
Two months later, the federal complaint said, Mr. Osmakac and the confidential source discussed and identified potential targets in Tampa that Osmakac wanted to attack.

Mr. Osmakac allegedly asked the source for help getting firearms and explosives for the attacks, and the source put him in touch with an undercover FBI employee.

On Dec. 21, Mr. Osmakac met with the undercover agent and allegedly told the agent that he wanted to buy an AK-47-style machine gun, Uzi submachine guns, high capacity magazines, grenades and an explosive belt. During a later meeting, Osmakac gave the agent a $500 down payment for the items.

Oops.  Second mistake.  Buying explosives from strangers that have no problem getting them.  They are usually federal agents.  Mental note-to-self.

According to the complaint, Osmakac also asked the undercover employee whether he/she could build bombs that could be placed in three different vehicles and detonated remotely, near where Osmakac would conduct a follow-up attack using the other weapons he requested,” the press release said. “The undercover employee said he/she could possibly provide explosives for one vehicle. Osmakac also allegedly said that he wanted an explosive belt constructed to kill people.”

On Jan. 1, Mr. Osmakac told the agent that he wanted to bomb nightclubs, the operations center of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and a business in Tampa, Florida.

Mr. Osmakac told the undercover FBI agent that he wanted to detonate a car bomb and use the explosive belt to “get in somewhere where there's a lot of people” and take hostages.

Thankfully, a completely unprotected shopping mall -- of which there are hundreds in Tampa, Florida -- never crossed this wannabe's mind.

Mr. Osmakac told the agent that after he took hostages he wanted to demand something from the “kuffar” — an Arabic word that means infidels or disbelievers of Islam, federal authorities said.

According to the affidavit, he also stated, “Honestly, I would love to go for the Army people, but their bases are so locked up, I have to do something else.

Mr. Osmakac said he wanted to take down the bridges that link the city of Tampa to neighbouring Pinellas County.  “This will crush the whole economy,” he allegedly said to the agent. “This would crush everything man, they would have no more food coming in. They would, nobody would have work.

Um, wrong.  You can't take down bridges with a grenade, even though it works in the movies.

During that meeting, the agent told Mr. Osmakac he could always change his mind about his plot.

“According to the complaint, Mr. Osmakac immediately shook his head in the negative and stated, `We all have to die, so why not die the Islamic way?' “ the press release stated.

Congratulations, Mr. Wannabe Terrorist.  Now you can die the Islamic way -- confined for life in a US prison cell, courtesy of the FBI.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Only 25 Shirts To Go Before They Disappear Forever.

Christians supporting Israel with our God-driven message!
These original and unique shirts will be gone in days.

We created these shirts for our pro-Israel fundraiser a few months ago, and they sold like wild fire.  I just completed an office inventory and found out we had 25 shirts still available.  These are "original production run" shirts, and will not be printed again.

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Have a Blessed day, and thank you for supporting Israel!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

We can understand Obama PERFECTLY ... after reading Karl Marx

Obama wants profitable international businesses to come back to the U.S.

How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how
do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin.
Ronald Reagan

Every time I believe Barack Obama has reached the final level of unbridled hypocrisy, he amazes me by putting forward an idea or utterance that brings the words "unmitigated gall" to an entirely new level.

On Wednesday, January 11, Obama will make a plea to profitable multinational companies which have relocated their manufacturing and production facilities overseas to return to the United States.

This is being done ostensibly as part of his "middle class" doctrine that is championed (no surprise) by organized labor unions.  The White House forum on "Insourcing American Jobs" will attempt to convince the nation that Obama's over-regulation, class warfare and Marxist Doctrine regarding the redistribution of wealth will benefit the hated capitalists in question.

Executives from more than a dozen companies will attend, including padlock maker Master Lock, furniture company Lincolnton Furniture, software application developer GalaxE Solutions, and chemicals company DuPont.

The emphasis on keeping U.S. jobs at home is in line with a populist economic message championed by Obama that could play well with union workers, whose support the Democratic president will need to win re-election in November.

This "Power to the Proletariat" doctrine is not exactly new; it is the brainchild of Karl Heinrich Marx (1818 – 1883), a German philosopher, economist and revolutionary socialist. His ideas played a significant role in the development of social science and the socialist political movement.

He published various books during his lifetime, with the most notable being The Communist Manifesto (1848) and Das Capital (1867); some of his works were co-written with his friend, the fellow German revolutionary socialist Friedrich Engels.

Marxist ideology was the primary influence for Lenin's Russian Revolution, and has served as the centerpiece for Communist and Socialist movements across the globe.  Marx also apparently serves as the pervasive influence for our "Campaigner and Chief."

As a student of Soviet & Eastern European Studies in my undergraduate days, I was required to read all the collected works of Marx, Engels and Lenin.  While distasteful, it gave me a glimpse into the mindset of the Socialist.

In 1989-1991, when the USSR dissolved, I never thought I would have a practical use for that knowledge again.  Then we elected Barack Obama, and the memories came flooding back into my consciousness.

Just for comparison -- for those who have never been subjected to the socialist/communist ideology of Marx, Engels and Lenin -- I thought it would be enlightening to lay "notable quotes" side by side and search for any common threads.

As you will see, one doesn't need to search very far to recognize the influence Marxist ideology has on the President of the greatest free-market capitalist economy in the world.

I ask you to read the quotes from Marx, Engels and Lenin first.  Then read the quotes from our esteemed leader for some current perspective.

A.  Karl Marx (Wealth)
"A house may be large or small; as long as the neighboring houses are likewise small, it satisfies all social requirement for a residence. But let there arise next to the little house a palace, and the little house shrinks to a hut. The little house now makes it clear that its inmate has no social position at all to maintain."

A.  Barack Obama (Wealth)
"I think when you spread the wealth around it's good for everybody."

“This isn’t about class warfare. This is about the nation’s welfare. It’s about making choices that benefit not just the people who’ve done fantastically well over the last few decades, but that benefits the middle class, and those fighting to get into the middle class, and the economy as a whole.”

"Over the last few decades, the rungs on the ladder of opportunity have grown farther and farther apart, and the middle class has shrunk. A few years after World War II, a child who was born into poverty had a slightly better than 50-50 chance of becoming middle class as an adult. By 1980, that chance had fallen to around 40 percent. And if the trend of rising inequality over the last few decades continues, it’s estimated that a child born today will only have a one-in-three chance of making it to the middle class -- 33 percent."

B.  Karl Marx (Class Struggle)
"The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains."

B.  Barack Obama (Class Struggle)
"Inequality also distorts our democracy.  It gives an outsized voice to the few who can afford high-priced lobbyists and unlimited campaign contributions, and runs the risk of selling out our democracy to the highest bidder."

“For most Americans, the basic bargain that made this country great has eroded.  Long before the recession hit, hard work stopped paying off for too many people. Fewer and fewer of the folks who contributed to the success of our economy actually benefited from that success. Those at the very top grew wealthier from their incomes and their investments -- wealthier than ever before. But everybody else struggled with costs that were growing and paychecks that weren’t -- and too many families found themselves racking up more and more debt just to keep up."

C.  Karl Marx (Religion)
"Religion is the impotence of the human mind to deal with occurrences it cannot understand."

C.  Barack Obama (Religion)
"Whatever we once were, we're no longer a Christian nation."

D.  Karl Marx (Opportunity/Contribution)
"From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."

D.  Barack Obama (Opportunity/Contribution)
"I believe that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, and when everyone plays by the same rules.”

E.  Friedrich Engels (Imperialism/Oppression)
"A nation cannot become free and at the same time continue to oppress other nations. The liberation of Germany cannot therefore take place without the liberation of Poland from German oppression."

E.  Barack Obama (Imperialism/Oppression)
"So let me be clear: no system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other."

F.  Friedrich Engels (Admiration for Islam)
"The Afghans are a brave, hardy, and independent race; they follow pastoral or agricultural occupations only ... With them, war is an excitement and relief from the monotonous occupation of industrial pursuits."

F.  Barack Obama (Admiration for Islam)
"Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism - it is an important part of promoting peace."

"These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings."

"That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn't. And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear."

In closing, this propaganda-fest on January 11 should be an interesting exercise in unmitigated gall.  I hope you will be able to watch it, and view it through the lens of the great Communist writers listed above.  I hope you then report it throughout social media circles for what it really is.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Furious Muslims riot in China over mosque demolition.

Government says Islam is not an officially recognized religious institution in China.
Muslims aren't happy, but China isn't experiencing Islamic Terrorism.

Hundreds of Muslims in a northwestern China village trying to prevent the demolition of their mosque clashed with police, causing several deaths, Hong Kong media and residents said on Tuesday.

Fighting between police and members of the largely Muslim Hui ethnic group broke out on Friday in Ningxia region, adjacent to Inner Mongolia province, after authorities declared their newly built mosque illegal, the South China Morning Post said.

Hundreds of residents in Taoshan village confronted police armed with teargas, truncheons and knives, the newspaper said.

A Taoshan resident told Reuters he was away at the time of the clash, but that his relatives in the town believed five people, including one of their relatives, had been killed.

The resident, Jin Haitao, said villagers believed the dead included another two elderly woman, a young man and two people from nearby areas.

Residents of nearby areas complained that telephone links with Taoshan had been cut, making it impossible to verify what had happened.

"They were just trying to hold a religious activity but the authorities would not allow it. They demolished the mosque and now they've covered over the ground, because there was so much blood on the ground," Jin said.

A small business owner in Tongxin, three km (two miles) from the mosque site, told Reuters that the village had been sealed off.

"It's ridiculous, I am a Muslim, and Muslims need a mosque. They are just ordinary people, coming together for religious purposes, not to overthrow Communist Party rule," the man said.

China has experienced sporadic unrest among its Muslim minorities, most notably involving the Uighurs, a Turkic language-speaking people native to the country's western Xinjiang region.

There are about 10 million Hui in China, making them the country's largest Muslim group. In many parts of China, the Hui have blended in with the predominant Han Chinese culture, all but abandoning Islam except for some traditions, such as circumcising male children and avoiding pork.

But ethnic tension has led to some unrest. At least seven people were killed in the central province of Henan in 2004 after a car accident involving an ethnic Han Chinese and a Hui sparked rioting.

In 1993, a cartoon ridiculing Muslims led to police storming a mosque taken over by Hui in northwestern China.

Uighurs in Xinjiang rioted against Han Chinese residents in 2009 and at least 197 people were killed, according to official estimates.

China's ruling Communist Party says it protects freedom of religion, but it maintains a tight grip on religious activities and allows only officially recognized religious institutions to operate.

Recent cyber-attacks in Israel bring Unit 8200 into the public eye.

Saudi Arabian hackers launch attacks against Israeli e-commerce sites.
IDF brings its resources to bear to defeat this latest terrorist threat.

Israeli officials said on Friday they were concerned the country may be under cyber attack after a wave of credit card code thefts in the past week by a hacker who claims to be operating out of Saudi Arabia.

Credit card company officials said 14,000 numbers had been posted on line on Tuesday and another 11,000 on Thursday. However, they said some of the codes had expired and that the active cards were all being cancelled.

The hacker has identified himself as OxOmar and says he is part of a Saudi Arabian hacker team. In a post on Thursday he said he had leaked information about more than 400,000 Israelis and said the "Jewish lobby" was hiding the scale of the attack.

Israeli officials say the hacker has also released email addresses and passwords, but have yet to confirm where he is based.  "This incident should be treated as a cyber attack," Justice Ministry official Yoram Hacohen told the Ma'ariv daily.

Call me silly, but hacking Israel -- then posting about it to taunt the IDF -- is akin to walking into a bear's cave with a spatula with the intent of giving a spanking.  Sounds cool, but really dumb.

The data theft was one of the worst that Israel has said it has faced, and while the financial damage was reportedly minimal, the breaches have heightened concerns about the potential use of stolen information by Israel's enemies.

"These matters are worrisome," Science and Technology Minister Daniel Hershkowitz told Israel Radio, calling the incident "a sample of the great danger out in cyberspace."

He added that Israel had "impressive capabilities" and was setting up an agency to deal with the issue, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged last year.

Impressive capabilities?  In typical Israeli fashion, that is what we would call a gross understatement.  Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to Israel's Unit 8200.

Unit 8200 is an Israeli Intelligence Corps unit responsible for collecting signal intelligence and code decryption. It also appears in military publications as the Central Collection Unit of the Intelligence Corps.

It was established in 1952 using primitive surplus American military equipment. Originally, it was called the 2nd Intelligence Service Unit and then the 515th Intelligence Service Unit. In 1954, the unit moved from Jaffa to its current base at the Glilot junction.

But like all things Israeli, it has evolved and morphed into something incredible.  And at its heart is now one of the world's greatest cyber-warfare capabilities.

It has already engaged in some skirmishes, such as an unprecedented Arab attack on its Internet infrastructure during the winter war in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip in December 2008-January 2009.

Hamas sympathizers across the Arab world, as well as Iran, Turkey and the rest of the Muslim world, launched hundreds of cyberattacks on Israeli Web sites.

Israelis retaliated with a counteroffensive that culminated in the military breaching Hamas' al-Aqsa television network. That included an audio message in Arabic addressed to Gazans that said, "Hamas leaders are hiding and they left you on the front line."

The following day, Israelis hijacked the network's system again with a more elaborate message, an animated clip of Hamas leaders being gunned down with a warning that said "time is running out."

At its most effective, cyberwarfare is capable of shutting down a country's economy and its war-fighting capabilities by crippling its computer systems.

Much of the Israeli military's work in developing its cyberwarfare capabilities is shrouded in secrecy as it spars with foes who are also gearing up for this new and potentially crippling form of conflict.

But while Israel's work may be shrouded in secrecy, its work product is very well-known throughout the world.

That was evidenced when Israeli airborne jammers blacked out Syria's air defenses to clear the way for seven F-15s that destroyed a mysterious complex near the Turkish border in a pre-dawn raid Sept. 6, 2007. The complex is generally believed to have been a nuclear plant being built with the help of North Korea.

With that information comfortably locked away in the back of your mind, let's revisit the Saudi hacker's desire to walk into a bear's cave with a spatula.

The hacker wrote in his Web post: "So, I've started thinking of sending all Israeli credit cards I own which reaches 1M data."

"Enjoy it world! Purchase stuff for yourself online, buy anything you want," he added.

Dov Kotler, CEO of Isracard, a unit of Bank Hapoalim , said 5,200 credit card numbers listed by the hacker on Thursday, belonged to his customers.

The thefts have dampened Internet sales in Israel, media reports said, though no figures were immediately available. Israeli reports have indicated that most of the information stolen had been gleaned from online commercial sites.

If you happen to be a customer of Israeli e-commerce, watch your credit card statements and change your computer passwords -- as a precaution against credit card fraud.

If you happen to be a Saudi Arabian hacker attacking Israeli e-commerce, watch your back and change your address of record -- as a hedge against a shortened life expectancy.

To fix America's problems, start with these 7 Credible Threats.

7 "Credible Threats" that are Destroying America.

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and
lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
Abraham Lincoln

Every organization that exists must fill a void, answer a question or solve a problem to be successful.  While there are many legitimate and far-reaching issues impacting our society today, we believe at the root of these issues are the 7 Credible Threats that are destroying America right before our eyes.

These are not incomprehensible problems occurring only on an international level.  These are right-now problems we see in our own neighborhoods you and I can solve ... together.

1.  Secularism / We Have Turned Our Backs On God

The "separation of Church and State" was never meant to be an exclusionary clause designed to remove faith from our lives.  Yet, the Progressive Secular Left has managed over the years to do just that.  Our faith has never been under assault to the extent we see in modern times, and it is this very assault that has led to the erosion of the value system that made our nation great.  With your help, our combined efforts can, and must, change that.

2.  Apathy & Defeatism Have Drained Us
It has been rightly said that "apathy is the last virtue of a dying society." We believe that to be true.  We now find ourselves in a culture that tolerates with no restraints from fear of being labeled "intolerant." We unwittingly empower those who strive to steal our values from us.  Nevertheless, from our faith springs hope. From hope comes action.  The United States has a current and real deficit ... of hope.  With your help, our combined efforts can, and must, change that.

3.  We Lost Our Collective Voice
Our liberally-biased media, rampant political correctness and culture of censorship has reached Orwellian proportions.  Those who oppose us did not steal our freedom of speech; we allowed it to be taken from us. George Washington warned us 236 years ago "If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."  With your help, our combined efforts can, and must, change that.

4.  Our Family Structure Is Under Attack
The traditional family is the most important core unit of our society.The destruction of that core unit will surely lead to the destruction of our society which has been built upon that core.  Pre-teen pregnancy, same-sex parents, sexually transmitted viruses, gender reorientation, and a variety of other problems have been forced upon us, by the few, in the name of "tolerance."  An anti-faith lobby has convinced America that losing our traditional family won't weaken America.  With your help, our combined efforts can, and must, change that.

5.  Our Education System Has Failed Us
We took God out of the classroom to "protect" our children. The results are a disaster.  More than 50% of our public schools are failing.  Inner-city schools are war zones.  Our graduates are no longer competitive in the market.  Drop-out rates in some schools exceed 80%.  Instead of "aiming high," we have adjusted downward.  If this dire situation continues -- we lose our future.  With your help, our combined efforts can, and must, change that.

6.  Our Safety & Security Is Threatened
As citizens of the United States, we trade some of our freedoms to have those who govern us protect our society.  That's not happening.  With the assault on our moral center has come rampant crime, increased violence and the breakdown of our American society. We are now prisoners in our own homes, fearing the savagery a faithless society has produced without remorse.  With your help, our combined efforts can, and must, change that.

7.  A Truly Satanic Threat Seeks To Destroy Us
There exists today a threat that seeks to destroy our God, our country and our way of life.  It represents the personification of "Pure Evil," and it has a name:  Islam.  Islam has repeated shown itself to be capable of unspeakable atrocities.  Islam has no regard for any human life.  In the name of "Allah" Christians (and others) are slaughtered by the thousands.  Tragically, Islam has been welcomed openly in America with no restraints.  With your help, our combined efforts can, and must, change that.

But Now We Can Have Hope!

These 7 Credible Threats are the poisoned well from which all other currently unholy endeavors spring forth and flow. These threats stand poised to strip our country of its faith, its values and its ability to reclaim the American greatness and exceptionalism our Founding Fathers intended for us and our children.

"Therefore, rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!” (Revelation 12:12)

You and I, our families, and our friends, already see these threats around us every day.  They are now very close, not vague and off in the distance.  They are real, not imagined.  We, as real patriotic Americans, have a Godly duty and spiritual obligation to use both the strength provided to us by God, and the rights provided by our Constitution to turn our country around and reclaim it as our own.

In the important words of Theodore Roosevelt, "This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in."  We couldn't agree more. We are absolutely  willing to do our part to make this God-driven mission a success.  We ask you, and all those who share our commitment to God and Country, to join us on this mission to save America from total destruction.

He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still.  And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.  (Revelation 22:11-12)

With your help, our combined efforts can, and will, be successful for our Lord.  Thank you, and God Bless you!